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Breakfast Club  07.45-08.45   £5.00

After School Session 1      3.15-4.45   £8.50

After School Session 2      3.15-5.45   £12.50



Includes Toast, Pancakes, Brioche, Cereal etc.

After School Meals

Include Pasta Bake, Soup, Cheese and Crackers, Fishfinger Sandwiches, Curry and chicken flavour noodles, Waffles and beans, Fruit, Beans/Spaghetti on toast, Hotdog, and much more.


Children can relax and enjoy different areas in the room such as we have a reading area which has a wicker tent and a comfy sofa to relax and enjoy a good read of a book.

We have a gaming area where we have a Nintendo Wii and a range of games for the children to play and enjoy with each other.

We have a craft area where children have access to different resources and materials such as paint, a range of different types of paper, stencils and much more where they can create pictures of their choice.


We also have a range of activities for all children to enjoy such as a football table, board games, a play kitchen where children have enjoyed being chefs with their own aprons and hats…. Which we have had some children comparing themselves to Gordon Ramsey with their cooking skills.

Children enjoy Lego, Marble run, and just having a great time.

Children also enjoy playing outside when its warmer outside where they enjoy big games such as different types of tig, Basketball, Football, trim trail and many more

We also enjoy joining in with celebrations alongside school such as:

 Children in need where we dressed up in Pudsey clothes then during the week we made Pudsey badges where we coloured Pudsey bears and attached a safety pin at the back, the children really enjoyed making these so much they made extras and gave them to teachers around the school.

We also decorated biscuits which we decorated with spots.

We celebrated the world cup too which we enjoyed some children spent time playing with Lego and created different countries flags that were entered in the world cup. We also enjoyed designing a football kit and cheering for England to win throughout.

We will also be joining in with many more celebrations throughout the year…. Watch out for updates and photos..

Here is a few things we have enjoyed so far in Boomerang..

We all enjoyed getting excited for Christmas where we made snowflakes and put them on the windows, we made handprint Rudolph pictures using paint, we also held a colour in Christmas tree competition where the winner won a selection box.

We also enjoyed a Christmas party with party food and games.

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