The Thrive Approach at Clifford Bridge Academy

At Clifford Bridge Academy, we have adopted the Thrive Approach to support our children with their emotional literacy. We recognise that children need to: be aware of their emotions; learn how to manage them; and apply thinking between feeling and action. Learning how to manage and express emotions through language is key, and at our schools we aim to develop an ethos where children are supported in doing so, resulting in positive behaviours with positive and effective learning.

Across our school, we have Licensed Practitioners who have supported in training the rest of the school team (Teachers, TAs, DRAs) in understanding more about how the brain works, and how we can support children in times of challenge through using VRFs (Vital Relational Functions).

Class teachers complete whole class screening (using THRIVE online) to draw out key areas of development which are then incorporated into a Class Action Plan, forming part of classes’ PSHE provision. In addition, those children who are identified as having significant needs are targeted with an Individual Action Plan, and with parental consent, receive support from one of our Licensed Practitioners or an identified key adult. The activities that children participate in encourage and promote brain development to ‘plug the gaps’ and develop emotional literacy through the use of creativity.

The THRIVE Approach is beneficial in many ways, it can…

– Improve attitudes to learning

– Increase attendance

– Improve pupils emotional and social skills

– Improve relationships between peers and staff

With a programme of continuous development, our vision is for all our staff to be trained to use Thrive in order that we are able to use the insight to build healthy development, encourage pupils to increasingly self-regulate and embed strategies in social and emotional learning and positive behaviour choices, therefore underpinning academic progress.

The THRIVE provision offers supportive programmes for pupils in a variety of ways across the school day and the continued training for our licensed THRIVE trainers and Practitioners will ensure that we are kept up-to-date regularly.

The Pastoral Care provided at Clifford Bridge Academy is an important part of school life. The Pastoral Team consists of Margaret Sutherland as Pastoral Manager and Cara Baynton as Learning Mentor and together they are responsible for the wellbeing of the pupils and therefore dedicate time, energy and expertise to encouraging and advising pupils. The Pastoral Team ensure that pupils will be supported and nurtured and also encouraged to give of their best, to support one another and grow in confidence. We are very lucky to have a ‘Thrive Room’ where our pastoral team are based. This space provides children with a place where they can truly be themselves and engage in fun Thrive activities. The aims that the Pastoral Team are likely to address are as follows:

Provide an environment in which pupils feel comfortable, safe and secure in an atmosphere of mutual trust and respect.

• Encourage positive interaction between pupils

• Promote pupils self-awareness and self-confidence so that they need to face the challenges, both academically and personally.

• To establish and maintain an appropriate relationship with every parent, so that together we can help to prepare the pupils for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of adult life.

• To create a caring environment where pupils are valued for who they are, not just for what they can do.

• The Pastoral Team provide an ‘Open Door’ policy for the pupils and parents of the school every day.

Although we have a Pastoral Team working within the school it can’t be stressed enough that at Clifford Bridge, the whole staff hold the pastoral care of all our pupils as paramount importance. The way we treat, talk to and interact with and teach pupils will all contribute to the quality of our pastoral care.